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Business Process Review

Payroll and HR Operational teams often work to processes that have been in place for many years.  The same procedures are followed month after month only being reviewed when legislation changes force alterations in the procedures. This is typical for teams who constantly work under extreme time pressures.

It’s important for all payroll and HR departments to perform a business process review from time to time.  The review will allow you to identify and manage any risks in the day-to-day operational processes, which can then be managed and revised.

Quite often, simple changes can have a big impact. Savings can be made in both the resources and the service costs in performing day-to-day activities. Investing in the right support to make changes to the way you work can have a substantial cost saving in both staff and other resources.

Eira Consulting will provide a full review of your day-to-day operational processes and recommend ways to make these more efficient and effective, helping to reducing queries and errors and improving accuracy.

Do any of the following questions ring true?

  • Is your ‘payroll cut-off window’ long enough for receiving and inputting information accurately in preparation for payday?
  • Do employees/HR/Managers have problems with not having enough time to get all the information to you on time?
  • Do you have issues with deadlines due to early paydays?
  • Do you have to regularly run supplementary payroll runs?
  • Do you miss new starters because of cut-off deadlines?
  • Are you informed about leavers in time to stop their pay?
  • Do you have an issue with overpayments?
  • Is your error rate in payroll too high?
  • Do you make too many manual payments?
Eira Hammond, Eira Consulting Ltd.

I will help you utilise the experience of all your staff, understanding where savings can be made in time and resources and assist you in allowing your teams to focus on being proactive, reducing the number of errors and improving their efficiency.

Depending on your requirements and anticipated outcomes, part of the review will include the production of a fully documented set of up to date operational processes, which can then be maintained internally.

A Business Process Review will begin with a full evaluation of your current practices, commencing with a thorough analysis of your people, process, and technology

The review will help to define:

  • Critical Success Factors (CSF) – the areas where your team must perform well in order to be successful, i.e. to pay people accurately and on time
  • Existing or potential problems within a particular area of a system or manual process
  • Potential solutions

I will then take the following steps to improve your performance:

  • Measure your performance against competitive criteria gained through years of experience working with similar teams
  • Determine the most efficient way for your team to perform its necessary functions

The solutions identified during the Business Process Review will help to reduce costs and provide more efficient use of your resources, whether systems or people.

This will be accomplished by finding more efficient ways to perform various functions or by removing unnecessary steps and resources within the process.

I will then be able to develop, plan and deliver training to the teams and all process users on using the new processes or functionality.  I will also provide user-friendly documentation to support functionality for users and ensure the necessary collaboration between payroll and HR.