Improve process, Increase efficiency, Maximise potential

General Consultancy

Whether you have a requirement for Payroll or HR Training, General Consultancy or you urgently need a temporary Payroll Manager or senior team member, I will be able to provide support on a full or part time, short or long-term basis.  Contact me for a no obligation discussion and I will do my utmost to provide a solution for you.


How can Eira Consulting Ltd help you?

Improve Process, Increase Efficiency, Maximise Potential


  • ‘Our HR/Payroll system isn’t giving us what we need but we’re not sure if we need a new one?’
  • ‘We don’t have strong HR/Payroll procedures’
  • ‘We’re not sure if our payroll is fully compliant’
  • ‘We want to combine our various payrolls and pay frequencies into fewer’
  • ‘We’re not making the most out of our current HR/Payroll system’
  • ‘We are getting ready to implement a new system and we don’t know what we don’t know’
  • ‘We need help designing new reports and analytics’
  • ‘We think we might want to outsource our payroll function’
  • ‘We need to get help making the most of our HR and Payroll System’
Eira Hammond, Eira Consulting Ltd.