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System Health Checks

Many organisations implement their payroll and/or HR system within a limited budget or with restricted time constraints.  Often the planned additional phases for future development never happen, and so teams continue to operate with manual processes using more resources and time than should be necessary.


Eira Consulting will review the scope of your implementation and support you by recommending further utilisation of the systems currently in place to ensure you are achieving maximum benefit and increased efficiencies.

Some questions that may help you consider the state of your current implementation…

Is your system working for you, or are you working for your system?

Implementation of a new system is always a very busy time and quite often only the essential system features go live.  Some of the ‘nice to have’ elements are scheduled for later phases which are very often postponed, or never happen.

I will undertake a detailed analysis of your payroll and/or HR system – performing a full review of the software currently being used to ensure you are maximising the use of the system to its full potential.

Has the system got the capability of giving you more functionality at no extra cost?

Along with the system health check, I will review your day-to-day processes and the use of external spreadsheets and databases to see what can be ported to your current system. Recommendations will then be provided to support your teams to work more efficiently with the system gaining increased benefits for your organisation and reducing manual intervention.

Do you share a system with your HR team?  If so, is there duplication in processes?

Your system may have the facilities to be more proactive when it comes to sharing data;  for example, data should be input only once and new employees ‘activated’ only once payroll have reviewed the new employee data.

A full scoping exercise and report will be submitted detailing expected savings in both time and/or resources following completion

Eira Hammond, Eira Consulting Ltd.