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System Procurement

Choosing a new payroll and/or HR system can be a very daunting prospect for most Payroll and/or HR Departments.  Software providers will highlight their best features and take great pride in showing you how good they are and how they use the most up to date and advanced technology but not necessarily understanding exactly what you need.


There is a recommended process to go through when it comes to replacing your system and it’s important to agree that process before you commence and ensure your suppliers understand this so they can provide you with the best possible solution they can.

When undertaking a system evaluation there are a number of aspects you need to examine and it is good to list them prior to starting the process. This ensures that they are not overlooked and that the whole process isn’t just a sales led exercise. A questionnaire, prepared before the start, is often a good idea and can be called an RfQ (Request for Quotation) or RfP (Request for Proposal). Where hardware and software are being proposed, there are specific questions that must be asked about each supplier.

Eira Consulting can support you through this process, whether to provide a templated RfQ/RfP, tailored to your specific requirements, or supporting throughout the full procurement processing, including scoring and final demonstrations and reference visits.  With over 30 years working with payroll and HR software providers, I understand what a new system can give you and can support you in making the best and right choice for your organisation.

Eira Hammond, Eira Consulting Ltd.